P.I.N.G. – The Perimeter Insiders Networking Group.

“I started with the group to grow our business. We have seen phenomenal growth that can be directly tied to the member of the group. Membership has become so much more than just a source for referrals, it has helped me both personally and professionally. We have doubled in revenue in 2016.”

~ Pedro Paulette, New Paradigm Builders

Perimeter Insiders Networking Group (P.I.N.G.) is a group of professionals from a variety of fields. Starting over 30 years ago by a small group of business people, the group continues to prosper as one of Atlanta’s premier networking groups. While the membership has changed quite a bit over the years, the core values and principles that P.I.N.G. was founded on, continues to keep the group thriving and providing quality and valuable products and services to our clients and referrals.