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Visitors who attend a P.I.N.G. meeting typically contact a current member for further details about the group and our meeting structure. This will also allow the current member to understand what you do and the market you serve. Once you have been approved by the board to attend, you will be contacted by that current member or a board member for the specific date that you want to attend. Visitors are encouraged to bring business cards and literature. Along with each current member, you will be allowed to stand up and give your  30 second introduction on your business and how we can help you.

If you are a visitor and your profession/category is already represented in the group, please understand that because of the structure of our group, we cannot allow more than one person to fill that category. Sometimes we create new categories, such as in real estate. For example, if you are in commercial real estate and our current member is residential real estate, you can apply to represent the commercial real estate profession.
P.I.N.G. networking is about building trusted relationships. We expect regular attendance to our meetings as well as connecting with other members outside of our regularly scheduled meetings. This is an effective way to get to know each other and their prospective businesses (a.k.a. – one-on-one meetings)
The benefits of joining a P.I.N.G. are many.

  • Opportunity to give and receive great referrals
  • Develop long-lasting relationships, both personally and professionally
  • Sharpen your speaking & communication skills
  • Learn to be more effective in talking about your business
  • Increase your exposure and knowledge to many other businesses
  • Expand your referral source by having 30+ co-members “hunting” for you
  • And many more…


“I started with the group to grow our business. We have seen phenomenal growth that can be directly tied to the member of the group. Membership has become so much more than just a source for referrals, it has helped me both personally and professionally. We have doubled in revenue in 2016.”

~ Pedro Paulette, New Paradigm Builders