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900 Ashwood Parkway Suite 400
Atlanta, Georgia 30338

Position: Advisor
Phone Number: 678-281-9101
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John Wells entered into the Financial Services with Ashford Advisors directly out of college in 2017.

In his experience, traditional financial planning has failed at helping families in the areas of their financial lives that are truly impactful. He has learned that most financial professionals tend to be very product driven or only work in one specific area of finance, without understanding a person’s complete financial picture. Ashford's team philosophy is much different.

In his experience, he believes there is a great lack of financial understanding on what financial products people have, how they work, and for what purpose they are doing it. He has found that this tends to create gaps, duplications and inefficiencies. To solve for this, there are 3 promises Ashford makes to their clients. They help them become better educated financially, better organized financially, and help them implement the strategies they need to protect and grow their wealth. Ashford's process helps people save more than they ever thought possible, pay down debt efficiently, protect themselves from catastrophic events, and implement the different wealth building strategies needed to help them achieve the financial comfort and confidence they strive for.

When outside of the office, you will most likely find John on a golf course, in and around the water, or playing music. In his spare time, he is an avid guitarist and drummer in the Southern Rock band he helped found called Backyard Loveseat. He also loves cheering on his GSU Eagles!

Products or Services: Life, Long Term Disability and Long Term Care Insurance